★ Gorlovka TV reporters fired at from Ukrainian positions

Donetsk, Jul 8 – DAN. Gorlovka TV channel crew has come under Ukrainian fire in Shakhta Gagarina, the Gorlovka administration head Ivan Prikhodko said.

“Just moments ago a 6TV channel crew came under fire at the location of the morning shelling on the Yakuba Kolasa street. It was small arms fire,” he said.

There were no casualties.

Earlier reports said that Kiev forces fired 152 mm shells on the DPR south. The Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire 19 times in the past 24 hours, firing almost 190 rounds. Customers in three townships of the Novoazovsk district remain without power as a result of Kiev’s shelling. *ot


Three townships of Novoazovsk district without power following shelling

Kiev forces violate ceasefire 19 times in 24hours

Ukrainian forces shell DPR with 152 mm artillery

Kiev forces violate ceasefire 196 times in a week

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