Commander of Ukrainian 128th brigade orders shelling of Dokuchayevsk for TV report

Donetsk, Mar 6 – DAN.  The commander of the 128th brigade of the Ukrainian army Sergey Sobko ordered to open fire on Dokuchayevsk residential area for a TV report, said the head of the DPR People’s Militia command press service Daniil Bezsonov.

“The commander of the 128th mountain assault brigade Sobko took advantage of the Ukrainian reporters, namely of the 5 Kanal, arrival to the JFO zone and activated the demonstration of his troops capabilities: they used large caliber machine guns and grenade launchers to shell Dokuchayevsk residential area,” he said.

According to Bezsonov, the commander was not disturbed by the fact that civilians might have been injured for the sake of his PR stance.

Ukrainian army units violates the ceasefire 17 times in the past 24 hours firing the total of 80 shells.*ot

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