Donetsk Restorative Surgery Institute to launch new cardiac facility – minister

Donetsk, Jun 11 – DAN. The Husak Urgent and Restorative Surgery Institute (INVKh) will have a new cardiac centre, Donetsk People’s Republic Health Care Minister Olga Dolgoshapko said at the celebrations at the Slavic Culture Centre on Tuesday marking the 90th anniversary of the Institute.

“The INVKh plans for the near future include tomography rooms reairs and completion of the construction and commissioning of a cardiac surgery building,” Dolgoshapka said.

The construction on the INVKh premises began in 2010. In 2013, the deadline was extended. Modern expensive equipment was expected to enable surgeons to perform up to 800 operations a year.

“I express my deepest gratitude to all the INVKh colleages,” Dolgoshapko said, “the work carried out by the Institute cannot be overestimated as we cannot overestimate the heroism and courage of the medical personnel who stayed back to help our residents after the Donbass war broke out.”

The minister handed in the Medical Glory badges to two doctors; their two colleagues received the honourary title Excellent Public Health Worker.*jk


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