DPR dismisses Kiev’s demands for Consultation Council approval by Normandy F

DPR dismisses Kiev’s demands for Consultation Council approval by Normandy F

March 30, 2020 17:15

Donetsk, Mar 30 – DAN. Kiev’s statements on the necessity of the Normandy Four approval of the Consultation Council establishment don’t align with reality, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

Earlier in the day Ukrainian Minister of “Reintegration with Temporary Occupied Territories” Alexey Reznikov said that the establishment of the new consultative body within the political subgroup of the Contact Group must be approved by the Normandy Four.

“What we hear from Kiev is lie. The protocol states that the guarantor countries have to hold consultations over their representatives participation in the Council. But the agreement in principle has been already reached,” she said.

According to Nikonorova, Ukraine’s representative are trying to portray the Contact Group work as a creation of the Normandy Four, ignoring the priority of the Minsk talks when it comes to coordinating decisions.

Ukraine blocked the Contact Group’s work during the video conference on March 26 by refusing to document its obligations in writing. Later the text of the protocol and draft statement were published.

The Contact Group agreed to establish a special mechanism for discussion of political issues on March 11, the preliminary name of the mechanism is the Consultative Council on Donbass issues. *ot

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