DPR enterprises fatal accidents rate down 30 percent year-on-year – watchdog

Donetsk, September 11 – DAN. The number of fatal accidents at Donetsk People’s Republic enterprises has decreased to 18 since the beginning of this year, compared with 26 a year ago, the State Mining and Technology Supervision Committee (Gortekhnadzor) press service told the Donetsk News Agency on Wednesday.

“Workplace injuries have amounted to 337, and the number of fatal accidents to 18 since early January,” the press service said. “In 2018, Gortekhnadzor-monitored companies reported 26 fatalities and 337 injuries.”

The Donetsk People’s Republic State Committee for Mining and Technology Supervision is a government watchdog over policies in the protection of labour and natural resources and safe handling of industrial explosives. *jk


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