DPR Head tells ministries to mobilize and tackle escalation at the contact line

Фото: Администрация Главы ДНР

Donetsk, Jul 2 – DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin has convened a working meeting to discuss the recent deterioration at the contact line.

“The number of shelling incidents and destruction tends to grow. All the ministries responsible for tackling consequences thereof have to mobilize. The DPR People’s Militia HQ has to develop mechanisms and consider options to protect DPR citizens and troops without violating the Minsk Agreements,” Pushilin said.

Фото: Администрация Главы ДНР

The meeting has reviewed facts testifying to the deterioration of the security situation. In particular it has been noted that 170 residential houses and other buildings have been damaged in June as Kiev forces violated the ceasefire more than 620 times.

“The enemy sticks to the tactics of a “tedious offensive” to narrow the gap between the sides’ positions and force the DPR People’s Militia out. At the same time DPR People’s Militia curb all such provocative attempts skillfully and within the Minsk Agreements,” chief-of-staff of the DPR People’s Militia Denis Sinenkov said. *ot


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