DPR People’s Militia reveals how Ukrainian command conceals non-combat casualties

Donetsk, Jun 3 – DAN. The head of the DPR People’s Militia command press service Daniil Bezsonov has revealed new non-combat losses of the Ukrainian army incurred during the week: one troop died, another sustained injury.

“We continue to receive information concerning Ukrainian non-combat losses,” he said.

The incidents took place outside Dzerzhinsk and Starognatovka. In the first incident, private of the 53rd brigade was wounded when his colleague exploded a grenade during an altercation. A troop of the 35th marine brigade was killed by the explosion of a round of under-barrel grenade launcher.

“The commanders, Andrey Polyakov and Nikolay Palas traditionally presented the losses as combat resulting from DPR fire,” Bezsonov said. *ot


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