DPR police bust Ukrainian drug trafficking ring

Donetsk, Jun 4 – DAN. Officers of the Donetsk People’s Republic Interior Ministry Department for Combating organised crime detained a group of drug dealers in the DPR capital seizing more than 15 kilogrammes of narcotics and a large arsenal of weapons.

“Police detained an organised criminal group of seven people who had arranged online drug sales in the Republic using a popular messenger,” the Interior Ministry reported on Tuesday.

Part of drugs and psychedelics were supplied from Mariupol where the public page administrator was located. He was in charge of the criminal group’s book-keeping. After the buyer paid for drug through Qiwi Wallet, Privatbank or Monobank, they were informed about the dead drop location and pickup time. The group engaged in both retail and wholesale trade.

Law-enforcers’ searches yielded 15 kilogrammes of chopped cannabis, 250 grams of methamphetamine, five grams of cocaine as well as amphetamine, methadone and ecstasy. They also found about 120 hand grenades, dynamite, ammonal, TNT blocks, 18 firearms and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition.

The suspects are currently under arrest. Several criminal cases have been filed.*jk


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