DPR Post launches online queue to apply for DPR and Russian passports

Donetsk, Jul 1 – DAN. The DPR state company Donbass Post has launched an online queue to apply for DPR and Russian passports, the company said.

“The Donbass Post has launched an online queue to the migration service offices, the system functions smoothly, over 1,000 people have been registered within the first hours,” the report said.

The queue is accessible via the Unified Communications Centers, there are currently 42 UCC functioning across the Republic. The registration takes a couple of minutes, personal presence is mandatory.

After the registration the applicant receives a ticket indicating the time and date of the next visit to a particular migration service office, and a list of necessary documents to present. An SMS alert is sent a day prior to the visit.

First Russian passports were issued to DPR residents on June 14 in the Rostov region of Russia.

Russian president Vladimir Putin on April 24 signed a decree to allow residents of the Donbass region to obtain Russian citizenship under a simplified procedure. The document also opens wider opportunities for participants of the voluntary compatriot resettlement program. *ot


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