DPR Youth Parliament elections begin

Donetsk, Apr 16 – DAN. The elections to the Donetsk People’s Republic Youth Parliament began on Tuesday, Temporary Youth Election Commission (VMIK) chairman Konstantin Komlyonok said at a press briefing at the Donetsk News Agency.

“Today, on April 16, young DPR residents began voting at the elections to the Republic’s Youth Parliament in 12 electoral districts,” Komlyonok said.

“The elections will be held from April 16 through April 24; DPR residents in the age group 16 – 35 can take part in the vote. Fifty-four voting stations are operating,” he added.

Earlier reports said that representatives of youth parliaments of Russian regions as well as Young Guard project activists from the Lugansk People’s Republic will monitor the DPR Youth Parliament elections. Overall, 507 DPR youths were registered as candidates.

In January 2019, DPR Head Denis Pushilin announced that the Republic would establish the Youth Parliament. The People’s Council passed a resolution on the Youth Parliament on February 28, and later the Temporary Youth Election Commission was set up.

The Youth Parliament is a permanent public deliberative body for interaction between youths and legislative, executive and self-rule bodies in drawing, adopting and implementing the legal acts concerning the rights and legitimate interests of young people.


Election to Youth Parliament scheduled for Apr 16-24

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