Frisch is satisfied with living standards in Donetsk detention center

Donetsk, Apr 5 – DAN. The Coordinator of the Humanitarian working group Ambassador Toni Frisch has been satisfied with the living standards of a Donetsk remand he visited today.

“I want to thank the authorities, and the warden, and I emphasize that they treat the detainees decently. They are provided with everything they need, including medical assistance,” he told journalists.

He stressed the importance of allowing inmates to correspond with their families.

“My statement is personal. I know what family is, and I insist that all detainees should be able to communicate with their families and relatives, be able to correspond with them. I am grateful to Daria Morozova for all her efforts to facilitate it.”

Toni Frisch is visiting Donetsk today to meet Ukrainian detainees. *ot


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