JCCC: Ukrainian forces shell Vasilyevskaya pumping station again

Donetsk, Mar 6 – DAN. Ukrainian forces shelled Vasilyevskaya pumping station outside Yasinovataya prompting evacuation of staff, the DPR Mission to the JCCC said.

“Today, at 3. 15 p.m. Ukrainian armed formations opened fire on Vasilyevka with SPG-9 and small arms. The pumping station came under fire, its staff took to shelter.”

The DPR mission to the JCCC requested Kiev to reconfirm safety guarantees.

Vasilyevskaya pumping station is located in the Vasilyevskoye village outside Yasinovataya. It is connected to the Yuzhnodonbasskiy water duct providing water to residential areas on both sides of the contact line. It regularly becomes target of the Ukrainian fire. The latest of the shelling incidents in the area occurred on March 1.*ot


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