Kiev army shells Vasilyevka pumping station area, personnel is in shelter – JCCC

Donetsk, May 14 – DAN. Ukrainian armed formations fired at the Vasilyevka pumping station area, the Donetsk People’s Republic Office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination reported on Tuesday.

“At 11:25, Ukrainian nationalistic squads in the Novosyolovka Vtoraya settlement area fired large calibre machine guns and small arms at the Vasilyevka village. The pumping station area found itself in the line of fire,” the report said.

The personnel hid in the shelter, the JCCC added. No casualties or damage were immediately reported. DPR representatives requested additional security guarantees for a ceasefire.

The Vasilyevka pumping station is located in the Vasilyevka settlement outside Yasinovataya. It services the Yuzhnodonbasskiy water duct supplying water to residents on both sides of the contact line. The pumping station often finds itself in the sector of fire delivered by Ukrainian forces.*jk


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