Kiev deploys tanks, howitzers, IFVs in residential areas outside Donetsk, Gorlovka – DPR militia

Donetsk, Sep 2 – DAN. Ukrainian forces deployed hardware in proximity to houses in Kiev-controlled settlements outside Donetsk and Gorlovka, The Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia reported on Monday.

“Out intelligence detected military equipment deployed in violation of the Minsk Agreements near dwelling houses and in municipalities, in Nikolayevka Vtoraya (three self-propelled howitzers 2C1, 122mm) and Kurakhovo (22 infantry fighting vehicles and 13 T-64 tanks),” the report said.

Nikolayevka Vtoraya is located near Artyomovsk and Kurakhovo is west of Donetsk.

The comprehensive, lasting and indefinite ceasefire accord reached at the Contact Group talks in Minsk on July 17 prohibits the deployment of heavy weapons in or close to residential areas, in the first place on the premises of civil infrastructure facilities.*jk


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