Kiev shelling sets power station on fire, leaves 700 customers without electricity

Donetsk, Jun 10 – DAN. DPR fire teams have extinguished the blaze at the Novoazovsk wind power station, the Emergencies Ministry said.

“Yesterday, fire erupted at the power station in the Novoazovsk district, next to the M14 highway, one km away from Bezymennoye,” the report reads.

The blaze destroyed a truck and plastic parts of a wind turbine that were stored next to the vehicle.

Two pieces of equipment and eight firefighters were involved in the operation.

The district’s head Oleg Morgun said DAN that the fire had erupted at around 6 p.m. by shelling originating from the Ukrainian positions.

The attack had also left 700 customers without power in seven townships across the Sakhanka district. Repairs are underway.

Earlier reports said that two residential houses had been destroyed in Novaya Maryevka in the Telmanovo district.

The Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire 17 times in the past 24 hours, firing 245 rounds. *ot


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