Large DPR energy facilities hit 38 times in Ukrainian army strikes over six months

Donetsk, Jul 11 – DAN. Strikes by Kiev forces have caused 40 breakdowns of large energy facilities in the Donetsk People’s Republic since the beginning of the year, the Republic’s Coal and Energy Ministry press service reported on Thursday.

“Over the past six months, 16 large energy facilities were damaged 38 times in Kiev forces fire,” the report said. “It caused power outages in whole districts of our state.”

Ukrainian army strikes often damage infrastructure in the areas of Gorlovka and Yasinovataya and southern DPR. The Ministry noted an increase in the strikes at the DPR energy infrastructure over the past weeks. The Republic’s repair teams repeatedly came under fire despite the security guarantees provided by Ukraine.

Earlier reports said that 21 settlements in the south of the Republic were left without electricity on July 8 as a result of strikes by Ukrainian forces. A transmission line in Gorlovka was damaged on the same day.*jk


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