One DPR militiaman killed, another wounded in shelling by Kiev army

Donetsk, Jul 4 – DAN. One Donetsk People’s Republic militiaman has been killed and another has been wounded in shelling by Ukrainian armed formations over the past 24 hours, DPR People’s Militia spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said on Thursday.

“One militiaman was killed and another was wounded in shelling by Ukrainian armed formations,” Bezsonov said.

In the designated period, strikes were delivered on the Donetsk, Gorlovka and Mariupol axes, he added. The enemy used 152mm and 122mm artillery, 120mm and 82mm mortars and other weapons.

Ukrainian army units opened fire at the DPR territory 25 times over the past 24 hours expending more than 350 rounds of ammunition. A utility shed was damaged as in the village of Yasnoye in suburban Dokichayevsk as Ukrainian forces shelled the area on Thursday morning.*jk


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