Seven polling stations open in DPR on final day of Youth Parliament elections

Donetsk, Apr 24 – DAN. The final day of voting for candidates to the DPR Youth Parliament has begun at seven polling stations, the chairperson of the Temporary youth election committee Konstantin Komlyenok said.

“Today is the final voting day to elect the members of the DPR Youth Parliament. Seven polling stations are open until 6 p.m – three in Donetsk, two in Makeyevka, one in the Novoazovsk district, one in the Starobeshevo district.”

All polling stations have been prepared in advance, medical teams and police are present, Russian Youth Parliaments members are monitoring the elections.

The Youth Parliament is a permanent public deliberative assembly for communication between youth and legislative, executive and self-government bodies to adopt and implement the legal acts concerning the rights and legitimate interests of young people. The elections to the Youth Parliament began on April 16. *ot


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