Ukrainian army sells for nothing US high-end equipment

Donetsk, Aug 9 – DAN. Ukrainian army is selling high-end equipment shipped from the US for nothing, said the head of the DPR People’s Militia command press service Daniil Bezsonov.

According to his report, night vision monoculars worth USD 8,000 are sold for only USD 40.”According to our knowledge, today three Ukrainian troops of the 137th battalion, whose identities are unknown to their commanders but known to us, have sold two AN/PVS-14 monoculars shipped to the brigade in March as aid from the US,” he said.

A clearance from the authorities is required for this type of monoculars to be be shipped outside the US or sold.

“The monoculars worth USD 8,000 each have been sold for USD 40,” Bezsonov said.

To cover the deal, the unit informed its command that the equipment was lost in a DPR attack.

A commission has been sent to the 57th, 17th, 25th brigades and 107th artillery regiment and 222nd artillery base to check the availability of the monoculars. In other brigades the lack of GPNVG-18 monoculars delivered in 2018 has been revealed. This type of equipment is worth USD 40,000 per item. *ot*pp


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